Gpt 3 access

Sleek Ways on How to get GPT-3 API Access

Are you also looking for access to GPT-3 API? You came into the right place!

Open AI has made its GPT-3 AI model available for business and research purposes. They accomplished this through the use of an API.

To undertake any kind of work with Open AI GPT-3, you must have access to the Open AI API. Because this API is now in Private Beta, not everyone will have immediate access, and in some cases, no access at all.

Getting access to the Open AI API is like getting Christmas early for those who want to develop anything with it.

Today, let’s talk about the Open AI official method for gaining access to their GPT-3 API, as well as some best practices that have assisted many others in gaining access more quickly.

How to Apply for Access to Open AI API

Gpt 3 access
Gpt 3 access

How to start applying for an access? Essentially, it would have not been easy. But sending an application is an easy one.

To apply for access to the Open AI API, you need to fill and submit a form available in this –

Once, the form is submitted, somebody at Open AI reviews your application and decides on the access approval.

What Are the Best Practices When Applying

There are lots of people complaining online that they have applied months or weeks in the past and never received their access or Open AI should make access to the API available.

Some of the people we know applied for access two times. Those who applied from January, had their access 3 months or 6 months later. It’s usually like that, don’t worry. However there are things you can do to make sure Open AI approves you, may not be soon, but eventually.

While it’s Open AI ‘s own decision to who and how they give access to their API, there are few things one can do to speed up the approval process.

  • If at all feasible and if you have access to it, use an email address that is either your work email or one that you own. Yourname@companyname or yourname@yourwebsite, for example, is preferable to There is no explicit rule prohibiting the use of generic email services. However, for other people’s most experience and after consulting with other applicants, custom domain email IDs have a better probability of receiving early approval.
  • Avoid using non-personal email addresses such as, etc. Instead, utilize email addresses that include your name, such as
  • In the Name fields, use real people’s names rather than corporation or generic names.
  • Mention your intriguing concept in the provided field. It should be noted that you are not need to implement this identical concept. This answer shows them whether you’ve given it enough thought before seeking for access. Before applying, try coming up with an idea for an app or a project.
  • Select one of these choices.
  • Create a new product.
  • Integrate into current product
  • Fill out as many fields as possible, even if they are not required. Also, in any of your responses, do not misrepresent yourself.

How to Follow Up for Your Access

Like we said, getting approved takes time. But if it takes so much time, then here are a few tips you can do to follow up.

Even after doing all this, if your access is taking too much time(> week at this moment), Here are few things you could to try speed up your access request approval.

Try sending an email to making your case for fast track access.

Reach out to Open AI employees on Twitter via direct messages.

Applying for Research Purposes?

If you are applying for research purposes then you can definitely ask for and API access more quicker. But make sure that when you apply for it, you have to make sure to get specific the moment you apply.

Luckily, you can sign up here for research purposes applications.

If your purpose is research, they have a separate application process and available on this link —


Final Thoughts

Still having a hard time or you got it all figured out?

Today’s blog is talked about how you can get an access to GPT-3 API easily. Well not easily, but surely. You know by now, by going through this blog, that getting access to GPT-3 API means you will have to be on wait-list for them to approve you — depending on your purpose.

Applying for GPT-3 AI is easier than you think, but obviously you might just have to be more patient.